andy_roddick12 (andy_roddick12) wrote in c_s_l,


Warning: the sweatshirts we are ordering run rather large...we are ordering from "homeboy" company and lets all remember that their slogan is "jobs not jail" so if you want to get a general idea of the sizes, just ask anyone on the tennis team...we ordered from the homeboy ppl too so you can get a general idea of what size you want. just remember, the run really, really big and don't shrink very much even if you try really hard.
let us know by this friday, 11.12.04.
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are there only adult sizes or are there youth sizes too...if there are youth sizes...what is a youth medium like?
hey, it's sabrina. can you change my sweater from a large to a medium? thanks!
hey its Gabriela... can you change mine to a M also? thanx


November 11 2004, 16:34:40 UTC 13 years ago

hey, can you change mine to a small? thanks so much



November 11 2004, 21:15:37 UTC 13 years ago

If that's the case, i would like a SMALL por favor. thanks~


November 11 2004, 21:16:20 UTC 13 years ago

woops forgot to mention that that's dyanne. me. yea. small sweater. tankie.


November 12 2004, 10:57:53 UTC 13 years ago

could you also make mine a small too?
Lauren L.
when should we bring money by?
dyanne has a livejournal now? super exciting.

but focusing on your question... once we find out how many people for sure are ordering sweatshirts, we'll be able to get an exact price. So we'll let you know at an upcoming CSL meeting.

And I've switched your order to a small, thanks for mentioning that the comment was from you!

- Gabrielle
tanks muchisimo! NOW! FOR PARADISE LOST!!!!!