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C is for community service, that's good enough for me. . .

Hello all!
Got lots of news for you. . .
-October 29th there is a Halloween Party at the Boys & Girls Club, which is on Cahuenga near Santa Monica. Leslie talked about it at the meeting, and it sounds fab.
-Today there is Parent's Night of Classes and the library crew need help guarding the books and the money boxes. The shifts are 6-7, 7-8, & 8-9 so if you'll be around school then be sure to go by and help out
-There is a Tree Planting on October 2nd, so you guys should get excited for that. . .
-We are going to have a school-wide costume drive, so if you or your siblings have any old costumes you feel like donating, stop by Ms Brown's office or give them to any of the councilmembers. Also, if you feel like being creative, you could help with flyer-making and such. The costumes go to Alexandria House, and we need to have all of them by October 10th
-Also, we're planning on having sweatshirts this year, so have a design and ideas ready by next Tuesday
-If you are over 16 (or close to it) and were interested in the Pediatric AIDS fundraiser on October 30th I talked about, comment to this post (click anonymous if you don't have a livejournal account) and let me know, and I'll forward you the forms and all that jazz.
-October 22nd we are going to Hopenet (you can go any Saturday you like, but this is a particualrly CSL-oritented trip), I'm pretty sure Ms Brown will arrange a ride from school, and since its a three-day weekend homework is no excuse so come and it'll be a ball
-If you're a group leader then be sure to have something to present for our next meeting which is Tuesday, October 4th in Caswell Hall (keep it tidy!)

That's all, have a good Wednesday and wear yellow on Friday!

your secretary/treasurer,
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