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Community Service will rock your socks

Happy Jewish New Year and Weekend!
A few CSL updates for you:
-Correction for my last e-mail/posting session: We are not reading to kids from Third Street School, but instead from Wilshire School. Sorry about the mistake, but these kids are equally cute.
-Next Tuesday there is a CSL meeting (as usual), but this time it is in Caswell Hall. This is a lovely thing for Mr. Bruneau to let us do, so let's keep it tidy when we use it in all it's comfy chair splendor.
-To Debbie K, Emily L, Jane P, Sandra F, Georgia M, and Olivia C: please have some information to present next meeting. It does not need to be much, just have some ideas to show and perhaps some information.
-Don't forget to go the tutoring orientation on September 21st on the east side of the library.
-Also, as Liz said in class meeting, the Aids Walk is coming up. It's October 17th (I know that seems far away, but time flies when you are having homework-filled fun), and if you want any information go to www.aidwalk.net or call (213) 201-9255, or just talk to Liz G.

That's all, see you lot on Tuesday and have a happy weekend!

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