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2 Very Important Messages

Hey everyone! I come bearing two important pieces of information:

1. There will be no CSL meeting this upcoming Tuesday.
Tuesday is Grandparents' Day, and although I know you all are completely enthralled by our meetings, I don't think your grandparents would get as excited as you all do.

2. We are going to Shriner's Hospital on Tuesday, November 30.
We will leave school at 3 PM and come back at about 5 PM, definitely in time for the bus. I love visiting Shriner's Hospital, the kids are so sweet and you just want to hug them for hours. We will be doing holiday arts and crafts with them, it'll really brighten up their day. They spend all day in a hospital bed, or with tubes attached to them, and other such non-fun things. So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE COME, I'm really hoping 10 (yes, ten) people can come, but the more the merrier! Please email me or any of the other council members, or find us at school, or call us, or send us a postcard, telling us if you can come. So if you have even the vaugest interest in coming, please let me know as soon as possible!!

Thanks everyone, have a lovely weekend!
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