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so we voted, and our sweatshirts will be white pullups with hot pink lettering, which i am sure you are all looking forward to. the design that won was a comic with the letters C, S and L doing various community service acts, and a final draft will hopefully (note to Jane) be ready by friday. i have the following people's sizes, let me know if you want a sweatshirt and are not on the list, i have any incorrect info, want a nickname on the sweatshirt or if you're on the list and don't want a sweatshirt. . .
Andrea P: youth M or adult S
Caitlin F: M
Caroline B: M
Caryn B: M
Chelsea S: L
Christine C: M
Debbie K: XL
Diana L: M
Dyanne C: M
Emily L: M
Erika L: L
Gabriela M: L
Genevieve G: M
Georgia M: S
Jane H: S
Jane P: M
Jessica A: L
Kathryn B: M
Kim M: M
Lauren B: M
Lauren L: M
Leslie H: M
Liz K: M
Michelle G: L
Sabrina Y: L
Zoe K: XL
Leah L: M
Jen E: L
Jessica C: L

please comment anonymously to this entry if there's anything i need to know about your sweatshirt, or e-mail me at rubberpeacock666@aol.com. also, Adoption Day is on the 20th, so get excited for that, and try to go to hopenet, they've been really low on volunteers lately, its every saturday morning at 8. have a great week!

your secretary/treasurer,
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